Grades 1 and 2


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Summer 2013
Summer 2013

Following God
Theme: Summer Vacation

spacerUnit 1: Old Testament Judges
spacerspacer1. Deborah, the Patriot
spacerspacer2. Gideon, the Man of Valor
spacerspacer3. Samson, the Weak Strong Man

spacerspacer4. Samuel, the Upright Judge

spacerUnit 2: Old Testament Women
spacerspacer5. Rahab Saves the Spies
spacerspacer6. Ruth Finds a New Home
spacerspacer7. Abigail Shows Generosity

spacerspacer8. Esther Saves a Nation

spacerUnit 3: Old Testament Kings
spacerspacer9. Saul, the King Who Lost a Crown
spacerspacer10. David, a Man after God’s Own Heart
spacerspacer11. Solomon, the Wise King
spacerspacer12. Joash, the Boy King

spacerspacer13. Following God (Review)


In the Beginning
Theme: Color My World

spacerUnit 1: God Made Us
spacerspacer1. From Nothing to Something
spacerspacer2. It’s Alive!
spacerspacer3. Had It, Lost It

spacerspacer4. Two Brothers

spacerUnit 2: God Calls Us
spacerspacer5. God Instructs Noah
spacerspacer6. God Calls Abraham
spacerspacer7. God Blesses Isaac

spacerspacer8. God Visits Jacob

spacerUnit 3: God Keeps Us
spacerspacer9. Joseph’s Brothers
spacerspacer10. Joseph’s Keepers
spacerspacer11. Joseph’s Deliverer
spacerspacer12. Joseph’s Family

spacerspacer13. Color Your World God (Review)

Teacher Training Articles
Beginner Characteristics

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Beginner Teacher's Manual

"Look how much I've grown, Teacher." First- and second-graders are leaving their baby ways behind and they want everyone to know it. The Word Aflame curriculum for beginners grows with the children. Contemporary stories, along with the Bible lesson, connect the world the child lives in with the Word of God. Everything in the manual harmonizes to bring music to these children's lives. Through stories, visuals, crafts, and learning center activities the children learn as they grow. They leave Sunday school with a smile and a song, eager to come back next week.

Beginner Teacher's Resource Packet

"I may not always be listening, but I'm watching," is the silent message of first- and second-graders. These children's mouths often work more than their ears, but their eyes are always on the job. Bible art pictures, colorful flannelgraphs, puppets, a game board, and other visuals get the message across to beginners.

Beginner Student Papers

The student activity book and take-home papers have been combined into a student paper. This four page activity/take home includes a practical story, the Bible point and Bible verse, a special activity for each lesson, next Sunday’s Bible verse,  and a note to parents as well as an at-home activity. Order one student paper for each child in your class.

Joni Owens
About the Beginner Editor

Joni Owens resides in O'Fallon, Missouri, with her husband, the Reverend Randal Owens. They have three adult children who are all active in their respective churches, and eight delightful grandchildren—Rebekah, Cody, Sophia, Lillianna, Alexander, Jasmine, Molly, and Gracie.

Sister Owens has been a Sunday school teacher, children’s church teacher, children’s ministry director, and teacher/speaker at teacher training conferences. She currently attends New Life Center in Bridgeton, Missouri.

As editorial designer for Word Aflame Publications, she oversees the design and printing production of Kindergarten, Beginner, and Primary curriculum, in addition to various other duties. In 2010 Sister Owens accepted the editing duties of Beginner curriculum in addition to her duties as editor of Kindergarten curriculum. She also served as kids POWer hour field editor from 1999 to 2005. She attended the Apostolic Bible Institute in St. Paul, Minnesota.



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