Grades 5 and 6


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Summer 2013
Fall 2013

Theme: Emergency Room

spacerUnit 1: Prayers of Purpose
spacerspacer1. Praying with Meekness (Moses)
spacerspacer2. Focused Prayer (Hannah)
spacerspacer3. Intercessory Prayer (Job)
spacerspacer4. Prayer of Repentance (David)

spacerUnit 2: Prayers of Power
spacerspacer5. Prayer for Assurance (Gideon)
Partnered in Prayer (Jehoshaphat)
spacerspacer7. Prayer for Deliverance (Jonah)

spacerspacer8. Prayer for Protection (Hezekiah)

spacerUnit 3: Prayers of Promise
9. Prayer of Faith (Joshua)
spacerspacer10. Unwavering Prayer (Daniel)
spacerspacer11. Covenant Prayer (Josiah)
spacerspacer12. Prayer of Commitment (Isaiah)
spacerspacer13. Let Us Pray (Review)


Just Say No
Theme: Ecosystems

spacerUnit 1: Say No to the Flesh
spacerspacer1. Samson’s Desire
spacerspacer2. Nabal’s Selfishness
spacerspacer3. Ahab’s Greed
spacerspacer4. Esther’s Devotion

spacerUnit 2: Say No to the World
spacerspacer5. Lot’s Apathy
Absalom’s Revolt
spacerspacer7. Rehoboam’s Disdain

spacerspacer8. Abraham’s Faith

spacerUnit 3: Say No to the Devil
9. Eve’s Appetite
spacerspacer10. Korah’s Rebellion
spacerspacer11. Saul’s Jealousy
spacerspacer12. Job’s Righteousness
spacerspacer13. Say Yes to God (Review)

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Deanna Barnes

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Deanna Barnes delights in nurturing a child’s sense of wonder and discovery—especially with Bible stories and concepts. A Sunday school teacher for over thirty-five years, she is very involved in the Christian Education department of her local church. She has also held positions in the public sector, working with children, and has written for numerous publications. Her writing and editing skills will complement her experience with teaching children as she assumes the responsibilities of PreTeen Field Editor.

Deanna and her husband, Dennis, live in southern California near their two sons, their wives, and five grandchildren. The entire family attends Spirit and Truth Worship Center in Orange, California.



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