Grades 3 and 4


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Summer 2013
Fall 2013

Old Testament
Hall of Fame Heroes
Theme: Heroes

spacerUnit 1: Important Men of the Old Testament
spacerspacer1. The Wall Builder
spacerspacer2. The Committed Captive
spacerspacer3. The Wisest Man
spacerspacer4. The Truth Speaker

spacerUnit 2: Plan of Salvationspacerspacer
spacerspacer5. This Is That
spacerspacer6. Holy Boldness

spacerUnit 3: Principles of Christian Living
spacerspacer7. The Macedonian Mission
spacerspacer8. Miracles and Me
spacerspacer9. Talking about Jesus
spacerspacer10. Purged and Pure
spacerspacer11. Rapture Ready
spacerspacer12. Home Sweet Home
spacerspacer13. The Quarter in Review


The Foundation of the Church
Theme: Recipes for Success

spacerUnit 1: Basic Doctrine
spacerspacer1. Meet the Father
spacerspacer2. Jesus Speaks to the Storm
spacerspacer3. The Fruitless Fig Tree

spacerUnit 2: The Plan of Salvationspacerspacer
spacerspacer4. Repentance Is Required
spacerspacer5. John’s Disciples Take Another Dip
spacerspacer6. The Outpouring of the Holy Ghost

spacerUnit 3: Doctrines of Christian Living
spacerspacer7. Holiness Brings a Revival
spacerspacer8. Praising in Prison
spacerspacer9. Paul Preaches in Public

spacerUnit 4: Promises for the Believer
spacerspacer10. Shipwrecked and Snakebit, but Safe!
spacerspacer11. Eutychus, Wake Up!
spacerspacer12. Heaven, Our Promised Home
spacerspacer13. The Quarter in Review

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Primary Teacher's Manual

Third- and fourth-grade children see "the real world." Word Aflame writers realizes that these children are facing life and beginning to ask hard questions. The lessons for these children are exciting and entertaining, but solid and down to the nitty-gritty. Practical stories, role plays, and "think-about-it" times apply the Bible story to the "here and now."

Primary Teacher's Resource Packet

"I've got to see it to believe it." Primaries are stepping into the age of realism. They need not only to hear the gospel message, they need to see it. Posters, flashcards, filmstrips, teaching pictures, and other visuals transmit truth to third- and fourth-graders. A bonus resource CD is provided that includes items to be printed on an as-needed basis.

Primary Student Papers

The student activity book and take-home papers have been combined into a student paper. This four page activity/take home includes a practical story, the Bible point and Bible verse, a special activity for each lesson, next Sunday’s Bible verse,  and a note to parents as well as an at-home activity. Order one student paper for each child in your class.

Order one set per child.

Deanna Barnes

About the Primary Editor

Linda (McNulty) Short’s passion to produce first-quality, Bible-based Sunday school curriculum is fueled by her love for children and gift of teaching. She is a third-generation Pentecostal with a solid background of apostolic teaching and deep roots in the truth.

She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education with additional certification of Middle Level Language Arts. Linda knows what is happening in the world of education based on over fourteen years of experience assisting in secular classrooms. As a pastor’s wife, she has been involved in all departments of the church, especially Sunday school and music.

Her creative writing style and on-target activities opened doors for her at Word Aflame Publications, and in 2004 she was asked to serve as Primary editor. In 2011, Linda was promoted to Children’s Editor; as such, she has the oversight for all children’s levels and kids POWer hour.

Linda works alongside her husband, David, who pastors the United Pentecostal Church in Cleveland, Oklahoma. They have two adult daughters, Jessica and Jennifer.




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