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Ernest Martinez

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Our Mission

As Christians we shall serve God every day above all other priorities, for only through a genuine relationship with Him may we be effective in our ministry and service to others. We shall always view our labor as ministry to others, not as mere work or a job; Word Aflame Publications is not just a job! We exist to serve God and our customers. Only as we serve both well are we effective in serving either. In all that we do we shall do our best to please and serve both as true Christians. We shall endeavor always by every ability and with all the strength given us by our Creator to provide to our customers Christian literature that meets the following criteria:

1. Doctrinally correct
2. Spiritually perceptive to the times
3. Inspirational
4. Cosmetically attractive
5. Educationally and grammatically sound
6. Flexible to varying needs
7. Delivered to the classroom on time.

We shall strive always to meet these goals as a team of individuals, working hard to be a positive example to others by courageously meeting every challenge with faith, confidence, and persistence. Since we are a team, each member depending on the other team members, we will honor each other by our love, kindness, and attitude toward one another, and by keeping the literature on schedule to the very best of our ability.

Officials Who Have Served
Word Aflame Publications

Richard M. Davis 1985 - Present
T. M. Jackson 1982 - 1985
J. L. Hall 1976 - 1982
Calvin Rigdon 1971 - 1976
Donald Fisher 1968 - 1971
Associate Editors:
P. D. Buford 1986 - Present
  Richard M. Davis 1983 - 1985
  Richard Wyser 1977 - 1979
  James Boatman 1968 - 1976
  Jeannette Burnette 1968 - 1972


Word Aflame Publications was created in 1968. In only one short year graded Sunday school literature was created for all ages. The literature reached the classrooms in the fall of 1969.

Word Aflame Publications produces eight levels of Sunday school literature each quarter: Toddler, Kindergarten, Beginner, Primary, PreTeen, Teen, Youth, and Adult. In addition to these levels of dated curriculum, there is also an undated elective series for youth and adult, an undated children's church curriculum, and several levels of literature in Spanish.

In 1973 a hardbound edition of the Word Aflame adult lessons was added to the line of Sunday school products. That year approximately 1,500 hardbound editions were sold. Since that time more than 400,000 hardbound editions of the Word Aflame Adult Teacher's Manual have been sold.

The undated Word Aflame Elective Series was begun in 1984. Ministering to specialized areas of need in the church, the Elective Series has had more than twenty studies in print, most of which are still in print today.

In 1994 another new item was added to the product line—the Word Aflame Adult Teacher's Manual on computer diskette. Available for either the IBM compatible or Apple Macintosh computers, the addition has enhanced the adult lessons.

In 1995 Word Aflame Publications introduced a brand new line of creative children's church literature—kids POWer hour. The undated material is ideal for children's church ministry in any size congregation and includes accompanying aids for the teachers.

In 1997 Word Aflame introduced a sing-along cassette, Kids Sing. A total of eight tapes were created, featuring various children's groups from across the nation.

In 1998 the Word Aflame Hardbound Adult Teacher's Manual was made available on CD-ROM. In addition to containing the contents of the current year's hardbound book, the CD contains all the previous years within the current study series of adult material, including transparencies and text files. The files are accessed through Adobe Acrobat (included on the CD). They are fully searchable and have cut-and-paste capabilities. The text files can be imported into any word processing program. The CD works with Apple Macintosh PowerPC or Microsoft Windows 3.1/95/98/NT.

One of the recent projects is the production of Spanish literature. As of fall 1999, the Word Aflame Beginner Teacher's Manual, Beginner Student Activity Book, Teen Teacher's Manual, and Teen Student Handbook are available in Spanish. The Adult Teacher's Manual will be available beginning fall 2000.

Word Aflame Staff

Front Row: Debra Hathaway, Richard M. Davis, P. D. Buford, Barbara Westberg, Edna Nation
Back Row: Ernest Martinez, Joni Owens, Karla Christian, Teresa Bohannon, Karen Myers, Lisa Henson, Beth Dillon, Dennis Fiorini

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